• Stock Holding

    To ensure we meet the daily requirement of our customers, Now Plastics have invested in a bespoke stock management system and state of the art warehousing and distribution facilities. Utilising our 2 main warehousing sites which are based in:

    • The North East
    • M62 corridor

    We have over 10,000 pallet spaces at our disposal with options to expand should they be required. Our stock management system allows details reports on stock availability, stock replenishment status and current warehouse space. We also offer bespoke reports to suit customers specific requirements.

    Responding to our customer requirements is also a big part of our stock holding service. We offer same day and next day services for emergencies and a standard 3 days service for normal day to day call off orders.

    All orders can be booked in for specific time slots and if you have a special requirement your dedicated account manager is happy to discuss the details and accommodate where possible

    We can also offer consignment stock programs where the customer can have the stock at their premises to ensure they have access 24hrs a day. As part of the service our warehouse team can also stack your material in a manner that suits your specific requirements, such as mixed pallets, weight and height restrictions and pallet size.

  • Manufacturing

    In order to further support our customer needs and continue NOW Plastics high customer service levels, the business took the decision to set up an adjoining manufacturing facility in Newton Aycliffe that provides process capabilities in slit to width polypropylene (OPP & CPP), Polyester and laminated reels, makro punching, hot needle perforating, centre and J folding.

    This business decision has proven to be a great success in providing:

    • customers the flexibility
    • meeting market requirements
    • efficiency and output
    • investment in machinery and skill base

    With NOW Plastics operational capabilities at Newton Aycliffe, the other manufacturing services provided to our customers include;

    • Specialist films
    • Printing
    • Lamination
    • Specialist bag and pouch manufacture

    We ensure our clients needs can be met from concept to product launch, thus ensuring our expertise is utilised all of the way through the process.

  • Technical Support

    In providing flexible packaging solutions, it is imperative that sound technical knowledge is a given. In covering all aspects of materials and knowledge of customers machinery we can deliver a performance specification that interfaces successfully right first time.

    The Technical Services team are always on hand to support new product development. We rise to the challenge of innovative solutions and value and cost engineering exercises. Our dedicated Product Development Director works globally to provide assistance, utilising his vast expertise in all these areas.

    As well as these services, the NOW Plastics technical team also provide a training workshop dedicated to packaging materials, performance and interface to their packing lines which has proven to be a great success with our customers thus far.

  • Account Management

    Now Plastics are dedicated in offering all our clients a customer service experience second to none.

    When you join now plastics you will assigned a dedicated internal and external account manager who will ensure all your requirements are met to the highest possible standards.

    Internal account manager

    Your internal account manager will be your day to day point of contact, you will have their direct dial extension and be able to liaise with as required. They will arrange all your stock call off, stock holding data, booking in requirements and other such tasks as required to support your account.

    External account manager

    Your external account manager will be available 24rs hours a day on their mobile to deal with all emergencies.

    They will be your point of contact for all price negotiations and will continually provide market updates.

    As part of the role they will meet with you face to face as required to discuss your account and to discuss new business opportunities or any technical advice you need to support your requirements.

  • Design Concepts

    Now Plastics offer Design and Artwork services to help ensure your ideas are realised correctly. By combining Now Plastics technical expertise with the creative talent of our recommended designers at A Northern Type, winning solutions can be achieved without incurring "London Agency" prices

    We are able to offer the following services:

    • New Concept
    • Existing artwork amendments
    • Colour optimisation
    • Brand awareness
    • Shelf presence
    • Mock Ups
    • High Resolution artwork files
    • Cutter guide layouts

    A Northern Type bring expertise from 20 plus years in the graphic design industry. Specialising in packaging and branding A Northern Type  Work with Blue chip, FMCG and Private label companies. They have had the pleasure of working with some the world’s largest brands.

    See what they can do for you today.

  • Markets

    In 2001 when the UK division of NOW Plastics was introduced, the Produce market was very much at the forefront of the businesses activity. The inclusion of its manufacturing facility also allowed us to explore further into the Bakery Market. Strengthening the business team’s commercial and technical infrastructure has seen NOW Plastics market share grow further in these areas.

    We have also diversified into more added value products such as:

    • Confectionery,
    • Medical
    • Sport nutrition
    • Industrial
    • Drinks.

    The film and lamination structures we offer has also allowed our business to support other markets such as:

    • Crisp & Snacks
    • Cereals
    • Biscuits
    • Meat
    • Convenience foods

    By supporting these markets Now Plastics is working ever closer with printers and converters and as a result our brand and industry reputation is growing even faster. We are recognised Industry wide as a reputable, flexible, innovative, quality customer service provider.

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