Plain Film

  • BOPP

    We offer many grades of BOPP films for a variety of applications from printing, lamination, bespoke bag making and end user flowrap application.

    These are our typical BOPP film grades that we currently offer:

    • Clear Heat Seal
    • High Clarity non-sealable
    • Solid White
    • Cavitated/Pearlized
    • MATT
    • MET BOPP
    • Modified Temp Seal
    • Anti Mist
    • Acrylic Coated BOPP
    • PVDC Coated BOPP

    To discuss your film requirements or more specialist requests in more detail please contact us on:


    Office: 01325 520740.


  • Lidding Films

    Our lidding films provide high performance, great appearance and value. We can provide you with a wide range of films which work in an optimum way for your packaging. Here are just a few examples:-


    Weld-Seal And Peel-Seal Lidding Films

    Universal Seal Lidding Films

    High Performance/Barrier Lidding Films


    To discuss your film requirements in more detail please contact:

    Office: 01325 520740.

  • PET Films (Polyester)

    We offer a wide range of PET films that are suitable for many applications from printing and lamination, Lidding and temperature sensitive structures.

    Our robust supply chain ensures we always have standard grades of material available,  for more specialist grades we have a variety sources at our disposal.

    Main Grades of PET we currently offer are as follows:

    • Lamination grade ( 12 & 10mu Typical )
    • Heat Seal Weld
    • Heat Seal Peel-able
    • White
    • MATT
    • MET
    • Industrial
    • Anti Fog

    To discuss your specific film requirements in more detail please contact us on:

    Office: 01325 520740.

  • Barrier and Performance PE

    Our flagship product combines a peel-able / resealable file with superb barrier properties. Utilising up to 9 layer co-extrusion capabilities our barrier and performance polyethylenes really do deliver. We offer a variety of performance PE products to meet every day packaging solutions, as well as bespoke new development films to suit.

    *Suitable for sealing to APET /RPET trays*

    Our current offerings:

    • EVOH
    • Peel-able
    • Re Seal
    • Uni Seal
    • Anti Fog
    • High Barrier

    To discuss your film requirements in more detail please contact:

    Office: 01325 520740.

  • Aluminium Foil

    Aluminium foil is made of soft composite material, it is widely used in the printing converting and food markets as a supreme barrier and performance material. It is available in many different gauges as is an ideal material for the modern packaging format including retort pouches and other such applications.

  • Special Films

    At Now Plastics we continually look to offer the full range of films to cover all possible end user applications, whether it be for the printing and lamination market, the manufacturing of bespoke bags and pouches or the final customer on a VFFS, HFFS or tray lidding machine.

    As such we are pleased to be able to offer the following material:

    • Acrylic Coated BOPP

    • Oxo Degradable BOPP

    • High Impact CPP


    • PVDC Coated PET

    • HIGH Barrier METPET

    • PETG


    • PVC Shrink

    • Environmentally Friendly Films

    To discuss your film requirements in more detail please contact us:

    Office: 01325 520740

    • PVDC Coated BOPP

    • Two side MATT BOPP

    • MET CPP

    • ALOX Coated PET

    • NANO Coated PET


    • PETG

    • ALU Foil

    • OPS

  • Laminates

    Through Now Plastics world wide films connections, it is not surprising that our expertise in providing duplex and triplex added value lamination structures has been an area of the business that has been greatly utilised in supporting existing and new product development flexible packaging solutions.

    The permutations in listing al our lamination structures are vast but in combining papers, nylons, polyester, polypropylene, foils and polyethylenes in duplex or triplex specifications all fits under our capabilities.

    Solvent & Solvent less adhesives along with water based and extrusion lamination processes again ensure that your lamination structure is adhered correctly thus ensuring your performance specification is fit for purpose across all end user needs and environments.

  • CPP

    NOW Plastics cast polypropylene (CPP) films continue to grow in demand as converters find a number of benefits over other substrates such a polyethylene.

    CPP has better clarity, higher gloss, better heat resistance, better layflat and planarity than polyethylene.

    In recent years, as more "ready-to-eat foods" enter the market there is a growing demand for CPP especially if those products are being made through the retort process for the reason that CPP is a critical component in the structure of these laminated packages.

    Our CPP films are ISO 9000 and food contact certified.

    Our newest version of CPP provides an "easy tear" feature not normally seen with CPP films.  This special film allows converters to create retort pouches which are much more consumer friendly for opening.

    NOW Plastics has been selling CPP films to both stationery and packaging markets for 20 years.  We are able to offer converters customized formulations which tailor the film to the particular needs of the applications.

    To discuss your film requirements in more detail please contact:

    Office: 01325 520740.

  • BOPA/Nylon

    NOW Plastics offer some of the flattest biaxially orientated nylon film available today. This film is excellent for packaging that requires tremendous mechanical properties such as tensile strength, puncture resistance and certain barrier properties.

    Our films are made on state of the art equipment and we can offer both tenter-framed extrusion and blown extrusion films. We offer sequential and latest LISIM technologies, mono and coex versions, specialty grades for high speed 10 color printing (LISIM) and ultra barrier BOPA/EVOH coextrusion, and retort grades

    To discuss your film requirements in more detail please contact:

    Office: 01325 520740.

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