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NOW PLASTICS INC was established in 1978 by three founders all with the initials N, O & W, however shortly after inception the partner with the W decided to leave but changing the name to NO PLASTICS would of course not be a viable option!.

The current independent ownership has retained the major shareholder in ODED EDAN and to maintain and expand the business, Lawrence Silverstein was invited to join the company and between the two they have successfully run Now Plastics as a global enterprise to this day.

The concept of Now Plastics was initially import flexible packaging from Oded’s home country of Israel, in fact we were one of the 1st companies to import BOPP & PVC into North America. Over the next 23 years the US arm of Now Plastics continued to grow and as part of strategy it was decided we would open NOW PLASTICS UK.

The UK branch of the company was set up in 2001 with the help David Granger and the business plan was to target both printers and converters using BOPP & PET and end users who may require slit to width reels or pre made bags. Combined with a unique stock management system the UK customers benefited from stock-holding, consignment or direct delivery to meet there specific requirements.

Further expansion of Now Plastics in 2008 saw the opening of sales offices in Italy, Spain and France with other areas of Europe on the agenda such as Germany and Poland.

In 2010 we decided to purchase slitting, perforating and hole punching equipment for the UK to further improve our service and to allow quick turnaround to meet customer demands.

2014 brought in the changing of the guard for the UK, with David Granger deciding to retire and Bob Deighton taking over as MD, Bobs determination, knowledge and industry experience combined with the support of Lawrence & Oded will ensure Now Plastics continue to thrive in an ever changing and challenging industry.

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